Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Detroit Lions made history Sunday, becoming the first NFL team to finish a season 0-16. Officially, they are now the eighth team to complete a winless season. The complete list is:
1982 Baltimore Colts 0-8-1 (strike season)
1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-14
1960 Dallas Cowboys 0-11-1
1944 merged team of the Chicago Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers 0-10
1943 Chicago Cardinals 0-10
1942 Detroit Lions 0-11
1934 Cincinnati Reds 0-8

I remember the '82 Colts clearly -- my best friend at the time was a huge and very bitter Colts fan, and I'm old enough to remember the '76 Bucs. I was (still am) a Packers fan, a team with their own tough years in the '70s. So it made me feel good to have at least one team I could laugh at during those Monday morning football smackfests while waiting for the school bus. Those Bucs were awful -- shut out five times, failed to total 200 yards of offense five times, and a loss to that year's other expansion team, Seattle. Four quarterbacks took snaps for TB that year: Steve Spurrier, Parnell Dickinson, Terry Hanratty, and Larry Lawrence. None ever played in the NFL again. Still they made the playoffs three years later, riding a stout defense all the way to the conference championship -- one game from the Super Bowl. So take heart Lions fans, maybe you'll get there yet.

(Worst. Sign. Ever. Seriously, if you're going to make a sign for the whole football-watching world to see, try to make it look better than a Lions fist round draft pick.)

CREDITS: Photo, AP Photos; winless list, Yahoo Answers.

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